My Researches

Code Smells in Native Android Apps - Finish in 2018

Qualidade de Código em Aplicações Android

Current I am working on a dissertation about quality of code in Android applications. This work is to complete my master degree in Computer Science by Mathematics And Statistics Institute at USP.

Patterns to Implement Agile Methods - Finished in 2012

Padrões para Implantar Métodos Ágeis

Monograph delivered as work completion of the Postgraduate course in Strategic Project Management at Institute Technological of Aeronautics - ITA (Brazil/SP), Computer Science Division, completed in 2012. It is possible see this work in the online library of the ITA or download the pdf (portuguese only).


The pressure to delivery ever faster in software development has made companies seeking expertise in agile methodologies to develop their projects. However, it is hard for companies to migrate from their current methodologies for agile methods. This difficulty often means that companies to choose to continue with their existing processes even if they are not more efficient for the execution of projects. This study is an exploratory research with the objective of documenting as patterns recurring actions in deploying agile, successfully used in many contexts. Data were collected through interviews and case studies. These patterns can serve as a guide for companies wishing to deploy agile. After the implementation of agile methods, software projects tend to be delivered in less time, with more quality and more aligned with customer expectations.